Sky Blue Hue


I recently came into possession of a whole slew of silk blouses, and I am thinking that pastels will be the new white this fall. Loving this pale blue color!

Blouse & shoes from, pants from TJMaxx, bag from Anne Klein

Red, White, Blue & Black



I am a big fan of our patriotic colors. They are primary, crisp, clean, and contrast nicely. But in order to sport this color combo and avoid looking like you are late to America’s birthday bash, throw in some trusty black. I wore a plain black tee as my base, and used white as an accessory to keep things fresh. Try rotating which color you use as an accent, and you’ll be able to create infinite outfits with minimal pieces!

Forever 21 blazer and tee, Old Navy Shorts, TJ Maxx bag, Target boots

Hump day was the BEST day!

Well, what a week this has proven to be. After a relaxing weekend getaway to Block Island to celebrate America’s birthday, I returned to the big city and back to work, only to find myself working behind the scenes for a style segment on the Wendy Williams show. We gave this hot mama a makeover, and boy did she work it. Check out the clip here! If you look reallllyyyy hard maybe you’ll see through the wall to find me backstage (and yes, I did see Chrissy Teigan up close and personal after her segment. And yes, she is really that beautiful).

And the day only got better from there. Following work, I took a evening stroll down 5th Avenue and headed over to Henri Bendel– my former internship employer. But this was no plain old shopping spree; in fact, there was no shopping involved (shocking, I know). No no, this was to pay a visit to one of the latest Bendel’s bags to hit stores. Say hello to the Bowery Messenger bag, designed by Meredith Wadsworth.

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Remember the bag I featured in a previous post or two? Well, the improved and finished product has finally arrived, and MY DESIGN IS BEING SOLD IN HENRI BENDEL STORES AND ONLINE! I literally can’t even believe it, it feels like a dream. I was told they were going to sell it after I presented the design last summer, but I can’t believe it has been a full year and it is really here!! I was freaking out and couldn’t stop smiling. They made the bag in three practical colors, black, grey and tan, and even designed a tote with whipstitching detail to match.

I really want to take a moment to thank everyone who has been so supportive of me thus far in pursuing my dreams. This achievement could never have happened without the help of my loving parents and family, my friends, my mentors and managers, and YOU, dear readers! Every day you all inspire me to keep doing my thing, and I feel I am getting closer and closer to my goals. Even though those goals seem to be constantly changing, my network of support has only grown with time. So with that, I thank you and love you and go check out the Bowery Messenger online and in stores!!!

Beach Trends Ain’t Your Friend


Let’s face it. There’s no need for a bag full of accessories or products when you’re lying in the sun. All I bring is a canvas bag stuffed with a towel, a good book (or several, via Kindle), sunglasses, a beach hat, sunscreen, water, and a healthy snack. While I admire the sexy beach jewels and shimmery eyeshadow, the cut-out monokinis and wedge sandals that don the models in every summer issue magazines, they are simply impractical. That girl would enter the beach a chic, hot piece of a**, and leave with geometric sunburns, her hair knotted in her body chain and raccoon eyes running down her face– which she had so perfectly bronzed, blushed, and defined beforehand. If the realities of the beach allowed, I’d be one of those girls, but I think extravagant beach trends are just one of those styles that aught to come with a “don’t try this at home” stamp (see: Lady GaGa meatdress. Or just Lady GaGa in general).

But I don’t want to miss out on all the fun. On my walk from work to the train for my weekend beach getaway, I stopped into Forever21 and picked up this little number. I love the halter style and it’s Mara-like print. Paired with regular rise bottoms, it’s not so crazy that I’ll walk away with ridiculous tan lines.


A Fresh Start to the Day

I recently have taken a big liking to starting my mornings off with lots of fruit. I’ve noticed that it gives me lots of energy throughout the morning, and I’m very alert and ready to face any challenge at work! It is also very convenient, as there is a fresh fruit stand that I pass every day on my way to the office. I’ll frequently purchase delicious mangos, strawberries, bananas, peaches, even cantaloupe or pineapple! It is nice that my office kitchen comes equipped with a blender, so I can make a quick and easy smoothie with any of those fruits. But this morning I tried something slightly different: a banana frosty parfait!

I simply blended 3 frozen bananas with a little water to make a super creamy banana frosty, and mixed in blueberries, grapes, sliced banana (that’s what I had in the fridge) and topped with cinnamon and flax seeds for texture and healthy fats. It is DELICIOUS and so energizing! I plan to make this a lot. Even as a dessert! Try it out, change it up by adding in your own favorite fruits and nuts, and dig in :)

Dried and Delectable



I think I have an addiction to dried fruit. Dried mango, dried pineapple, dried banana, dried kiwi, you name it. It doesn’t help that my office has an entire jar full of delicious dried fruit that just sits in our kitchen asking me to come to it. and I do. every. time. But it is delicious and nutritious (yes–it is!) and I don’t mind when other employees stare at me, the little newbie intern, returning for her fifth handful of banana chips. I hear a lot of people saying “that stuff is like candy,” and in terms of its addictiveness, yes it is indeed like candy. But not in nutritional content. Dried fruit, so long as it isn’t loaded with added refined sugars, is just as nutritious as fresh fruit, except that the water is removed and the nutrients are concentrated. This makes it easier to consume, so one typically eats more than they would in fresh fruit servings. This is a lot of sugar, but it is not the same sugar you see on a bag of M&Ms. This is natural sugar that is good for you! And for those who struggle getting enough servings of fruit per day, dried fruit is a great option in moderation. Now excuse me while I get my sixth handful.

Track Pants are for the office, too.





I have always admired Blake Lively’s style. As she did so famously on Gossip Girl, she genuinely owns that woke-up-like-this fabulousness that we all yearn to possess. This particular photo of Blake rocking track pants and a white blouse has been on my inspo board for quite a while. This style is tricky, though, for us college fashionistas, particularly when you’re coming from a rural town like Charlottesville– it isn’t practical to walk around campus in heels, and nearly every time I wear something put together people ask “what’s the occasion?” Well, the occasion is that I want to look chic and not be questioned by it. Alas, here is my more casual, office and campus (and budget!) friendly take on Blake’s look.

Sweater from Forever21, Pants from H&M, Sandals from TJMaxx, Bag by Henri Bendel



Sunday Funday

photo 2 photo 3


What a gorgeous weekend in the city to mark the official kick-off of summer. My sister came to visit for a day of shopping, nibbling on the delectable various Broadway Bites, and just enjoying the sun. Of course, on Sunday we took a stroll to Union Square and took in the people watching whilst I devoured my favorite refreshing meal– the Liquiteria Mean Green Acai Bowl. It has acai blended with green superfood, topped with granola, berries, sliced banana and a touch of almond butter. Ugh, now I want another one.

To stay relaxed and breezy, I donned my new flowy wide-leg pants and classic white tee from Forever21, paired with a Steve Madden bag found at Nordstrom Rack.

photo 1


Girly in the City

photo 3

photo 2

photo 4


There’s something about summer that makes me embrace my girlier side. I’m not usually one to reach for lots of pink, but sometimes it gets exhausting wearing black all the time– whoduthunk? Maybe its being back in NYC or having started my new internship, but lately I have been feeling those feelings of reinventing myself. In addition to adding in some bright colors and femininity to my wardrobe, I plan to visit the magical land of Bed, Bath & Beyond at some point this week to pick up some space organizers and vamp up my summer apartment. I often underestimate the cheerfulness that a pretty space can bring me, and I don’t tend to put much care into keeping my room organized. Well, thats about to change, and I predict a positive change in my mood as well :)

Top and Skirt from Forever21, Shoes from Anne Taylor, Bag from Anne Klein

Time to Strip


Slowly but surely, the weather is warming up here in Cville and I can once again start taking street shots of myself in minimal layers. Don’t get me wrong, I am allll about that layering stuff, but I think it is fair to say that no one wants to see photo after photo of my big puffer coat. As darling as it is with its fluffy furry hood, there is such a thing as too much publicity. I have (hopefully) retired that puffer coat for the year and have progressed to a lighter (but, obviously, still black) jacket that I thrifted last summer in NYC. This jacket, from J.Crew, is one of my favorite thrifted pieces, along with my J.Crew black biker boots, which can be seen here, here, and hereGap shoes, TJMaxx pants and tote, thrifted ALC shirt, gifted scarf, Target sunglasses

Here’s to striping layers!
(Can you tell I’m excited for my sister’s bachelorette party this weekend? :P )

Here is a close up of my awesome leopard shoes:


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